Gro-Sæt (engelsk)

Gro-Sæt (engelsk)

175,00 DKK


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OBS! Denne vare er med engelsk etikette/This Grow-Kit comes with an english label.


This is your opportunity to become a mushroom farmer at home - or at the office!


With this kit you can turn your own used coffee grounds into fresh and delicious oyster mushrooms! The Grow-Kit consists of a bucket made from recycled plastic and a bag of oyster mushroom mycelium on millet seeds. On the bucket there is a label with instructions, which explain you how to get started.


As an extra service we have made some instruction videos. They are in Danish, but have English subtitles available.

Before use, the mycelium is best when kept cold. So it is important, that you put the bag of mycelium in the fridge as soon as possible after you receive the product. Also make sure to pick up the parcel as quickly as possible, if you were not home at the time of delivery, or if you ordered to a parcel shop.